We must strive for peace, reaching for our humanity with every step we take.

"You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom."  Malcolm X

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."  Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

Walking To Jericho

I thirsted when my river ran dry,
But your beauty fell like tears
Falling from the sky, so that
I can walk this lonely road
I thought I was lost,
I thought I'd lost my life.

I have lived like an old, old man

Living all these years
Unkissed by your tears
I've seen life go rolling by
I was lost till the moment you appeared
And when I saw how beautiful you are
I wanted to cry, I'm your Joshua
I see my Jericho proud and tall
I feel her heart beat behind her walls
She sends it searching every night
A vision in my eye in a sky that never falls
I see my dove, I have to go
Where she flies, that is where I'll follow
When I see how beautiful you are 
I want to cry "I'm your Joshua"
And if I ever long to go
I will walk all the way to Jericho
I can walk this lonely road I will walk all the way to Jericho
I will stand before her walls I will sing until I see them fall
Only when I see her leave, that is when I know that she is free
When you see how beautiful she is
You will want all she has to give
If she ever longs to go
Please don't go back, no please don't go back to Jericho.

Ian Bramble © 2016

Charity for Peace in the Middle East