Damage in Gaza strip - Israeli war crime

Since 1972 America have vetoed over 50 United Nations resolutions that would have helped create peace in the Middle East. Each of these was critical of Israel. (1).

For 17 years, Israel has held Gaza under siege. They have rationed their electricity, food and concrete, making it impossible to rebuild homes they have periodically bombed. Palestinians are treat as second class citizens, without the right to move freely or return should they leave. 700,000 Israeli settlers live illegally in Occupied Palestine and more Palestinian families are forced out at gunpoint every year, as their homes are stolen (2). These settlers have recently been supplied additional arms by the Israeli government.

In the last 18 days, 1.2 million Palestinians have been ordered to flee their homes. Israel have bombed the whole of Palestine, North, South, and the roads they declared were safe. Over 5,000 Gaza civilians were killed by rockets. 12 out of 35 hospitals ceased operating due to war damage and fuel (3) and 181,000 housing units have been demolished or damaged (4).

Without fuel, it will soon be impossible for any hospitals to operate. It will be impossible for desalination plants to produce fresh water, or for water to be pumped. This will kill hundreds of thousands, yet the US vetoed a resolution that would prevent this, denying 2.2 million Palestinians the right to basic aid, water and food (5).

Israel are not committing an act of self-defence. They are not attacking Hamas. They are committing multiple war crimes of forced displacement, collective punishment and destroying homes, hospitals and schools of the entire Palestinian people (6). What is more, this follows a long history of similar war crimes (7). All of this amounts to ethnic cleansing and genocide.

By supporting Israel unconditionally, Biden and other world leaders are complicit in ethnic cleansing and are themselves guilty of war crimes (8).

Clearly, the American government does not want, nor has ever wanted, peace in the Middle East. Why would they send the biggest war criminals in the Middle East $3.3 billion a year in weapons (9) if they wanted peace? Why would they veto resolution after resolution advocating peace? They wouldn't.

It follows, that Biden, Sunak and others don't care what happens to Palestine. So, I would ask them, what happens next? What happens if Israel succeeds in genocide?

What will the only country to have not signed the nuclear non-proliferation agreement (10) do when war crimes have proven to be effective and even encouraged? Who will a country who is used to stealing land with violence attack next? And after that...?

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