Our collection of anti-war poetry written to help raise awareness of the conflict in Syria and inspire a peaceful outcome.

Leytonstone stabbing - This is for Syria

Guest poem from Heathcote Williams entitled “This is for Syria” following the stabbing at Leytonstone station.

This is not a broken doll

No, this is not a broken doll.
This is one of many a child.
Killed in a children’s hospital.

Syria bombed

In the cradle of the civilised west
he wrests his baby from the twisted mess...

Syrian child killed
...Is that my name?
Call me cat and and 
call me if you find my name.
the Face of Allepo
Who are you to speak of love,
Who let evil men steal our land 
Spill our blood upon the soil 
Crush our bones into the sand 

The seas are mined
With refugees
Their stories filled with history.
Sardine-like in the rocking boats

Charity for Peace in the Middle East