Translation :Shams el Aghani
(The sun in songs)

The eastern sun is warm,
The western sun burns.

But I only know the sun when
mentioned in songs
I don't know the sun in Palestine
Nor the sunset in Jaffa
I only know how to draw the sun
To try to wake it from its sleep
Call out and say "you're mine,
you're my sun, Oh sun"

Refugee, that's how they call me,
I only know the refugee camps
On the map my land is the only drawing
I don't recognize
But I can read it in the letters of my name

Oh God, how beautiful are Ramallah,
at Biri and Umm el Fahm
God bless my family and my people
in Haifa and Bethlehem

Those who sang before
and sing after me
All of them live like me
They dream of the right to return

I dream of returning to my land

The eastern sun is warm,
the western sun burns


Shams el Aghani Credits

Piano and vocals by Rich Siegal
Music by Ahmad Kaabour, lyrics by Abido Basha
© Ahmad Kaabour, SACEM.
Arranged by Gilad Atzmon, Nabil Mansour, Rich Siegal.
Musicians: Gilad Atzmon (woodwinds), Cameron Brown (bass), Anthony Pinciotti (drums)
Video Montage by Allison Carmichael

  • Shams el Aghani sung by Rich Siegal

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