• Rania Hammad in Palestine

Rania Hammad born in Damascus, Syria to a Palestinian father and a Syrian mother:

"I was raised in Italy since the age of 3, and always went to American Catholic schools, although a "Muslim" by birth, I feel like a citizen of the world and I love every nation and every creed. What matters most are our human values, which make us one big family."

My father was the PLO representative in Italy, and growing up as the daughter of a man that has dedicated all his life to Palestine, made me want to do the same. Today Palestine matters, and so does Syria, the beautiful country of my childhood, which I visited every year with my mother. As I got older, and learned more about the realities of the world, the injustices and suffering, I wanted to do my part. What was most important to me was spreading the message of love, and peace. I grew up seeing Israeli people in our home, as my parents were  true believers of dialogue and diplomacy.

Although politics seemed complicated at times, because I saw the contradictions and deceit, I tried hard to stay loyal to my values, and trust that we can still find good where there is evil. America and Israel are not only bad, and there are many Americans and Israelis that share my same view of the world and cherish peace and justice for all.

Marrying an American and having Israeli friends is the proof of that truth.   

I am proud to be part of this human family, and Peace In Our Name."

Rania studied translation and interpretation at the University of Trieste for a few years before choosing a degree in Political Science at the American University of Rome. Master in International Relations, University of Kent, Canterbury.
Was adjunct professor of International Relations at St. John's University from 2003 until 2010.
Author of “The Other Israeli Voices”. A collection of articles by prominent Israeli journalists and intellectuals on the Arab-Israeli conflict and the Palestinian question. Published in Italian by Sinnos in June 2003.
"Palestine in my Heart". A book on Palestinian history, culture and traditions published in Italian and Arabic by Sinnos in May 1999 in Rome, Italy and second edition 2003.
Contributed to the "Book of Letters" published in 1998 by The Daily Telegraph (UK) and edited by David Twiston Davies. A collection of the best letters published between 1987 and 1997.
Preface to “The Garden of  Miriam and Salman” , a book by Lidia Caputo, published by La Mongolfiera in 2000.
Preface to “The Enchantment of Many Worlds, conversations with Vincenzo Parma”, a book by Ornella Rota, published by xlibris in 2012.

Rania is Vice- President of the official National Association Italia-Palestina,  headed by Marietta Tidei, Italian parliamentarian of the PD (Democratic party) and Vice-President and spokesperson of the Palestinian community for Rome and Lazio.

Charity for Peace in the Middle East