The Written World is a quarterly event in Leeds that aims to enrich international literature and connect people through live readings, spoken word, visual poetry, and interviews. The event is organised by Mira Mookerjee, Xanthe Pomeroy, and Cameron Tallant who are all student volunteers for Mira Publishing House, a community interest company.

The publishing house was founded in 2011 by Mira Fadwa Fadel on the key principal of making literature accessible for the most people possible. Today, the company continues to publish thought-provoking and worthwhile books, working mainly with translated text in order to promote intercultural understanding in a world that is becoming more fragmented.

Their most recent event was The Written World~ Celebrating LGBTQ Literature to mark LGBTQ history month and enjoy some of the best queer writing both old and new. The main readings for this event came from the publishing house’s own repertoire with Love Lies Bleeding by Janis Hetherington - an unapologetic memoir of a woman who has been called everything from The Countess, The Whore, The Sadistic Pervert, Lesbian Mother, Freedom Fighter, Human Rights Campaigner, and Peace Tree Planter.

Mira Publishing House is passionate about achieving social progress through the medium of literature and will continue to pursue its goals with the help of the volunteer. The next Written World event will take place in the summer in Leeds and will explore ‘protest’ literature from around the world.

BBC radio interview with the talented Palestinian film maker, Leila Sansour. Interviewed by Martin Heath Leila speaks about the Apartheid wall built by Israel around Bethlehem.

BBC Radio Northampton, 30 August 2016
John Griff interviewing Janis Hetherington, plus music from Peace In Our Name sung by Nicky Bramble
Trouble So Hard, original song by Vera Hall.

BBC Northampton interview with Janis Hetherington on the findings of the Chilcot enquiry. Peace In Our Name are supporting the extraordinary Crowd funding efforts by the Families of the fallen in Iraq,. The Families of the 79 British soldiers killed in Iraq are raising the money to try those complicit in the murder of their loved ones, and the many hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. Those who lost their lives did so in a plot orchestrated for the financial and political gain of the few, Tony Blair, and his ilk face charges of War crimes with the money raised by Crowd Justice.

Channel 4 News - The Calais Sessions Interview with Sola Ackingbola and  Vanessa Lucas Smith: " Channel 4 news let us tell the story of some wonderful musicians and people we met in The Jungle, played and rehearsed with and ended up recording with. The most unlikely of recording studios, but the most beautiful music out of it, from some wonderful and courageous musicians - people first and foremost - whose voices need to be heard."

  • BBC interview with John Griff

Charity for Peace in the Middle East