This page shows poetry dedicated towards creating peace in the world.  You may also wish to read our poetry for peace in Palestine and Syria.

Peace in our name,
We refuse to blame or rename the shame,
Peace in our Name
For the future of our souls we maintain
Unity in our goals...

For what will we be blamed?
For ruinous and blind deeds;
bombing mothers and children;
the death of the sick and in need

A moment for them
brothers and sisters that have fallen
without a valid reason
ashes blowing in the wind

i think of the thinking
that self-brutalises
i think of the brutal
and those brutalised

Damaged by a protective edge of steel, 
“Never-Again” should mean none are forgot.
Why only in our pain can we be one?
Nelson Mandela quote

The scent of freedom
O, Mandela
Your eyes have the color of freedom
O, Mandela

Look, the vile liar and his harpy wife
are standing, waiting for the show to start.

Nightmares come and go
Try playing tricks to gain your soul
They can't touch you friend
keep yourself in control

Charity for Peace in the Middle East