Zack Haider leapt out of a plane for Palestine on September the 10th to raise funds for Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP). His campaign to raise funds through Just Giving got a lot of support.

If you donated to this fund to ensure that Gaza gets the medical aid it needs, A huge thankyou. At the moment the Palestinians trapped in Gaza have no clean water, Electricity is available for an hour every 30 or so hours, medicine is at a premium with people dying of very treatable illnesses. People who would recover and live long and healthy lives are dying in far greater numbers under Apartheid Israel’s blockade.

Whilst in occupied Palestine the Palestinians suffer from the violent attacks from Zionist settlers who shoot, beat, poison and run over Palestinians on a daily basis. Peaceful protests are met with tear gas and live ammunition and Palestinians are not even safe in the hospitals from the brutality of the Apartheid Israeli forces.

Palestinians are in the undeserved and unjust position of needing more health care more often due to the monstrous treatment they suffer at the hands of the Israelis.

“I’m doing a tandem skydive with 5 of my colleagues for MAP because there is so much unmet medical need in Palestine.”
Zack Haider


Thank you for your support for Zack and for the Palestinian victims of Apartheid by donating what you did to this brave man and his colleagues

Charity for Peace in the Middle East