The following anti-war poems were written by Palestinians or about Palestine and are aimed to help encourage peace in the Middle East and raise awareness of the plight of Palestinians.


Knowing that such will obviously flay
The skin from flesh of children who have fled
From homes you phoned to say, “Go! Run away!

Lie here with me
and hear my song
Of love and loss
Of dreadful wrong

Her first born child
Pressed and dressed
against her breast.

In memory of Ali Dawabsheh, an 18 month old Palestinian child burnt to
death in his sleep in July 2015 by illegal Israeli settlers.

I have seen
the invisible
heard the inaudible
eaten the inedible and
lived the unliveable.

Palestinian olympic swimmer

You are no stranger to the Olympics,
an endurance runner you are
on the roots of olive trees

A human cry
on the wind
Reaches high
A human cry

Snatched and flung in hell and beyond,
His innocence shafted, his childhood gone.

I was walking in my holy land
Flying like an innocent bird
And dreaming of my freedom
But surrounded with devils.

Inside your dark cell 
The place is like a hell 
Where you stay alone 
Count day after day 

Gaza, habibti keep standing
by flowers hugging the Moon
and life forever.

​And the seas and rivers and trees whistled the melody of freedom

A man lays on the floor of a roofless room,
Red liquid spills from his chest like a thousand roses in bloom.

The young Palestinian boy puts on his dead fathers shirt which is worn,
He tries sewing together the two parts of his mum's heart which has been torn.

She holds a tattered teddy bear,
Cotton leaks out - like blood- at the tear.

It's been seventy harvest seasons
And the farmer's still gone .....

Waving my flag 
Once more to the fray                                                  
For all men should die 
In the waves of the marching day

They tell me you killed five kids today 
I hope you made your country proud soldier

I remember the day I got lost in her words 

And her rebel spirit...what a pushover!

I wonder what the wicked believe:
Is it faith in power, war or false praise? 

Palestine green eyed child

You raised in my arms
The blue sky behind you 
My smile reflected twice
in your beautiful green eyes

The bloody shoes of a Palestinian child caught in the Apartheid Israeli genocide of Palestine

Your children, Palestine
They embrace life
On the rubble of death
Despite the genocide

Charity for Peace in the Middle East