Those caught in conflict torn countries like Syria, Palestine and Iraq and the refugees from these countries need help. They need the support of others to have even the basic necessities of life, like clean water, food and shelter. They also need support to not just survive, but to thrive, to be able to embrace their own creativity, to have the opportunities that those in other countries take for granted.

Over the next few weeks and months we anticipate adding new charities to this page with beautiful people doing beautiful things to change the world on the ground in places of conflict in the Middle East. The individuals and organisations shown below are helping to create a humanitarian revolution, to help reduce the tragic outcome of war and to give hope to those affected by it.

Ambulance for Syrian refugees in Greece

Mohammad is a passionate humanitarian and a charismatic and inspiring young man. He left his home, family and friends and went to Greece, to Idomeni, to lend a hand in the tragic refugee crisis. He realized he could no longer watch events unfold without doing something about it. He is now with the Syrian people, in a refugee camp and he runs a health clinic from two ambulances together with other volunteers, in Eko camp, 20km from the Macedonian border.

Crowd Justice

To date, our legal team have provided their advocacy and legal services to us for free, but they cannot take on a commitment of this size, scale and importance to the British public without proper funding. Please help put the War Criminals behind bars.

The Jungle is a temporary and unsatisfactory solution and one in desperate need of funds, donations, and volunteers.  Proceeds go to Citizens UK and donations to the refugee musicians on the album

Bethlehem is an iconic, historic Palestinian town. It has a great deal of importance to Christians as the birthplace of Jesus. This town is now hemmed in by an enormous Apartheid wall more than 700kms long and 8 meters high that crosses the countryside of Palestine cutting Palestinians off from their land, Families and most dangerous of all their water.

Zack Haider is leaping out of a plane for Palestine on September the 10th to raise funds for Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP). His campaign to raise funds through Just Giving needs all of our support.