"I am a 20 year old rapper and songwriter from Ireland. I personally believe I bring something different to the hip hop and music scene because I do not carry the typical rapper persona, looks or ego.

I’m just a normal Irish kid raised in the countryside known as ‘Bandit Country’ South Armagh, and all my life I’ve been surrounded by talented musicians both in my family circle and outside of it. The reason I’m different you ask? I am a white Irish kid and I always stay true to my roots keeping my accent throughout my songs, I feel my lyrics and my delivery of lyricism is something that people overseas and around the world have never experienced before.

I aim to change people’s lives with my music, I don’t want to be another artist from the bottle, I aim to be unique in my own right and I want to bring the Irish culture into my music. One thing I won’t do is turn a blind eye on the real problems in the world, I won’t be a sheep and I certainly won’t be afraid to go deep about the situations and troubles of the world because a lot of modern artists these days just talk about money, women and parties. I want the real kind-hearted people of this world to get behind my music because if they become part of my fan-base I aim to make them extremely proud."

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